Voice of Liberia

Voice of Liberia

Very interesting article about tourism in Liberia (PDF)

Gbagba! …. Liberian Author ….. hope to meet more of you soon …..

Culture and artificial expression grow on free development and creative mind:

Watch this very true video about an art’s school in Liberia


Michael Jentzsch, Co-Author of Bloodbrothers Talking Kolokwa (Liberian English)

Wer’s auf Deutsch braucht: PDF Leopard Story

Michael und Ben in Monrovia 2014

Fernsehdoku über die Blutsbrüder

Die Geschichte handelt von den Affen, die nie dazu kommen, sich in der Trockenzeit ein Haus zu bauen, das sie bei Regen schützen könnte, obwohl sie natürlich einsehen, dass das das Beste für sie wäre.

Listen to an impressive curriculum vitae, including a government school experience in Monrovia, recorded August 2015. Young man is now 20 years:

Liberiaprojekt – Video

Liberia is a rich country with people, friendly, industrial and proud.

Liberia is worth travelling for touristic purposes.

Leave your predjudice and follow the Voice of Liberia.

Video: Sweet Liberia, 2015


How to make the difference as a Liberian male or female, child or adult:

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