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“No country can achieve development when its people fail to prioritize education” Dr. Evelyn Kandakai (WAEC) – quoted from Capitol Insider, July 2015,p 18

Good day to all of our beloved friends and supporters. Today in Liberia is the second school day. Some part of June, the Minister of Education with direct mandate from our president closed schools. This was because it was term that our school system was a “MESS”. Since June, it was notified that our students were staying home and enjoying two months break. Today Magdalena and Patricia both from Cathedral Catholic School put smiles on their faces and this was what they had to say to me. (Moses Blamah)

“.. .  education, which received 13 percent of the national budget in the 2009-2010-2011 financial years and 14 percent in 2011-2012. This is a paltry appropriation in comparison to Liberia’s next door neighbors Sierra Leone and La Cote d’Ivoire whose governments allocated respectively 18,1 percent (in 2009) and 24,6 percent (in 2008) of their total expenditure to the education sector. …. The advent of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in March 2014 forced a major policy shift in the school calendar for primary and secondary levels, with the Government of Liberia ordering schools closed in July 2014. The move was seen as a safety measure to contain the deadly EVD and protect vulnerable students from possible infection.” (dito, p 19)  …. Non for profit Organizations as Pro Liberia were trying their best to bridge traumatic time with reading and study activities through employing teachers who gathered and tutored some of the students. “After Ebola, we were not prepared to open schools: however, we were obliged to comply with government decision to open on February 15, 2015. Given the calendar of school events, we signed contracts with our teachers for 10 months. Now all of a sudden, without prior notice, we are being asked to close. It is completely unprecedented to promote students on a semester basis….” Dr. Michael Davis, Vice Principal for Student Affairs at the Wells-Hairston High School (dito, p. 19).

After WAEC-Exames had been postponed – which in fact is very cost intensive in money and time young Liberians show a self confident optimistic attitude to come soon to a well organized school year not only in catholic and other private schools.

Article 6 : “The republic shall provide equal access to educational opportunities and facilities for all citizens …”. (constitution of the republic of Liberia)

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