Reading Room

Reading Room

Famous Guests commenting visit in Liberiaprojekt’s Reading Room, Monrovia:

Laudatio for Mary Saab, THE WINNER 2017, first published on Facebook:

Smart, Articulate, Aspiring and Bright – SAAB!

Excuse me, am I allowed to take this novel home to read? She asked. Nope, sorry maybe next time, the librarian replied. But still astounded and intrigued by her interest to read a voluminous novel, he went further…which class are you? I am in the 11th grade, she responded. Wow, that explains why you are requesting to read Charles Dickens’ renowned novel Oliver Twist. There is an essay writing competition going on in the parish by the way, you should participate? He recommended in a loud voice. Are you sure, …actually I did not know this. Sure I will! She replied in excitement. This conversation was one week to the deadline of the 2017 Essay Writing competition organized by Pro-Liberia, “From Street to School”, a local NGO supporting and encouraging education for underprivileged school going kids. For her to be pressed with the stress of meeting a deadline and coming up to the very top, is what prompted us to write this post. Dear friends, kindly permit me to introduce to you the WINNER of the 2017 Essay Writing competition, Miss Mary Saab.

Mary as she I famously known, is an 11th grade student of the Bright Brains Academy High School. She is an excellent reader and writer and will prefer those over cooking any day. Born on March 9, 2002, Mary is 15 years old and has predominately reading and singing amongst other things as her hobbies. She is currently the dux of her class and last academic year she dux her school with high prospects of doing it again for this academic year 2016/17. She’s active in the parish as well as her school and is a member of children’s ministry choir and lectors/readers.

In this age of our country Liberia, where reading is being treated as a taboo by most young people, it is only proper that we encourage, promote and commend the few young people who adore, love and appreciate reading. The youth of Christ the King Catholic Church on the other hand were extremely proud that one of its own is amongst those few.

Congrats Mary! And continue in the path of God for he has greater plans for you. Eyes are watching you kiddo. Hats off!

“Enjoying time with students from the German-Liberian “Pro-Liberia” partnership in Monrovia! Reading empowers!” (Michael Jentzsch, 3/28 2016)

What is the Reading Room?

Reading Room is what young people need for purposes of learning, informing each others, tutoring one another and reading and playing just for fun. All facilities are available in presence only. Reading Room is a small library where friends can be meet and books can be ordered and are provided for common use.

Where is the Reading Room located?

Kindly find our Reading Room in Christ the King Parish in the Old Road Community, Monrovia. For contact and further support contact Father Boniface. He is supported by several members of the Liberiaprojekt.

What’s done by people in the reading room?

All participants are fond of sharing knowledge and helping each other. It is a save place for young people, quiet and sympathetic to everyone who is open for serious academic working and the pleasure of reading.

All working in the reading room agree on further purchasing of books until the boards are completely filled. What books is decided democratically and on expressed need! There are young people who know, what they want and are couraged and self consciously working on their wishes to become true.

Stay in supportive contact even when outside the country

What else?

That’s up to you – join and play an important role. May be in one of the broadcasts in Radio Veritas as to be seen here: