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Writing Competition

Writing Competition 2016

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Second Writing Competition, 2015

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Writing Competition und Reading Room
Winners of the Writing Competition with students of the Liberiaprojekt and the best of our students in Gerlib Center.

Logo writing competitionThe second Writing Competition

19 Participants

July 2015

Youngest Winner: Michelle Zoegan, Turkish Light School, Monrovia

Michelle Zoegan

  The first Writing Competition

38 Participants

November 2014

Topics and best of winners

Composition: 8-12yrs1. “The dog was my last resort”. Write an exciting little story of 80-100 words. 2. Please complete the following story. Title: „Ten years ago I met a fabulous boy.” (Not less than 100 words). Auntie took her seat among the kids in the age of ten with the words:”Ten years ago I met a fabulous boy”. „But auntie, why was he fabulous and what exactly did he do, we cannot wait to listen to your story“, jumbling voices were welcoming her. Auntie placed herself more comfortable, cleared her throat and lay both of her hands in the middle of her lap. All eyes were staring at her . She paused. 3. A book is like a garden in a bag. Explain what you think this saying means and give some examples from different books you got to know or read already. (80-100 words)
 Composition: 12 to 14 yrs.1. An international Youth Magazine has contacted you. They are asking you to write an article about a book or a movie, that noone should miss out. 2. Give the content of the recommended movie or book and explain why you’ve chosen it. Maintain good argument and adequate language to inspire young people (80-120 words) 3.  Internet belongs to the basic needs of modern young people! Discuss from your point of view the good and less good aspects of the Internet in 120-150 words 4. Give a description of the positive aspects of travelling. It could be your town , country and/or other places far away. It doesn’t count whether you have or were travelling in real life. Imagination and knowledge counts. 100- 150words
Essay: 15-22yrs In not less than 150 words ,write an essay on any of the following topics:1. The importance of girls‘ education in post war Liberia. 2. Can poverty be minimized in Liberia? 3. The decrease of standard education in Liberia – what’s the way forward?

Chrisphine Musu
I am Chrisphine Musu. Mendimasa. I’m a Liberian, age 12. I was born on May 19, 2002.I live with my parents. My hobbies are reading, singing and dancing. I am a student of Christ the King Catholic School in Monrovia, class 6. Math , English and science are my best subjects.I want to be a lawyer.
Internet belongs to the basic needs of modern young people. Many years back students were able to make research through manual effort which made their studying difficult. Some of the difficulties were: books were hard to find, time was consumed just to find little things such as words that were difficult to spell, etc. Today, because of the internet, study and research has become very easy. The internet provides young students or people some good opportunities in many ways; it also has some negative effects. The internet has made it possible for research and studies to be easy. Students do not have to research through manual effort by looking for books and by moving from place to place which consumes time. Moreover, through the use of the internet communication has become fast among young people of the same peer and sometimes parents. Also, the internet can be accessed by users of any age and condition. On the other hand, internet has some negative effects. It has reduced a high level of time towards other activities. Young people spend long hours on the internet that they do not have time for even other activities such as studies and basic household chores. Additionally, it makes students lazy in making research which has caused them to have limited knowledge of topics that are to be discussed. In conclusion, the internet belongs to the basic needs of modern young people. It can help them a lot in many ways for their own good, but they should also be aware of its negative side which can allow them to have an unexpected end. To avoid it young people should make use of the good aspects of the internet.
I am Owen Wade Blay Jr. a eighteen (yrs) old Liberia from the Grebo tribe. s. bottom to continue

Can poverty be minimized Liberia?

Yes, poverty can be minimized in Liberia, but will only be minimized if the minds and attitudes of many Liberians are totally changed.Looking at the actual meaning of poverty, which is not having enough money t0 meet basis need including food, clothes, and shelter, we find many Liberians in such case and my research proves two factors to be responsible for such situation in Liberia. These factors are: The wear education sector, and The issue of increasing teenage pregnancy and parenting. However, poverty will only be minimized in Liberia if there is a serious change in these areas as of our society mentioned.

                                      THE WEAR EDUCATION SECTOREducation is very important in breaking the huge cycle of poverty in Liberia. But look at the educational sector s today, it has been hampered by two factors which are: lack of quality leadership and corruption. Lack of quality leadership: as a good leader one should maintain unity and coordination in order to achieve success in meeting group’s goals. In maintaining unity and coordination in a group, the leader should make clear the goal of the group to every member. But now a day in the educational sector of Liberia, most especially the ministry, you find departments at logger heads; that is they are not working in coordination. Due to this problem, the sector always faces what we called administrative failures.For instance, the education minister was cited by Plenary sometime back to defend the allotment of 66.6 million dollars. But to everyone’s surprise, the minister failed to defend how this was allotted by the ministry. Further research was made and disunity and lacked of coordination was said to be the reasons for such administrative failure.Corruption: Within the education sector, there is a lack of transparency; that is, patronage and bribery by administrators, professors and students are widely reported. Abuse of resources, teacher absenteeism, and sex for grades are common. And a culture of silence prevents the reporting of problems.Because of this lack of transparency, we find many high school and collegegraduates who cannot write a fitting letter, because they have bribed their way through. Therefore, all those people in this category are still a liability to the society. From these existing problems in the education sector, minimizing poverty will require a total overhaul of the system.     


Looking at the issue of teenage pregnancy and parenting in Liberia, it is clear that this is on the increase. And it has even made Liberia one of the highest rating nations when it comes to teen motherhoods in the world. Teenage pregnancy and parenting is a serious threat to society’s economy. This is so in a sense that, the increasing cost of the health system, justice system and other systems that provide supports to those teenage parents living in poverty has an impact on our economy. Seeing teenage pregnancy and parenting on the increase, two factors can be attributing to it. One is the Issue of Rape and the other is Peer Pressure.

                                                                             PEER PRESSURE

A huge number of teenagers in Liberia are involved in sexual activities. This is so because of the influence peer pressure has on an individual. Almost every individual follows the most dominant activity of his peer group in a society. So sex being the most dominant activity of teenagers in Liberia, teenage pregnancy and parenting will continue increasing, therefore minimizing poverty will require a shift in the minds and attitudes of youths in the country. However, looking at all the above, poverty will only be minimized if serious changes are made concerning these issues

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…. biography: I was born unto the union of Mr. Owen Wade Blay Sr. and Mrs. Bibiana B Blay. I was born in Montserrado at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital on September 26, 1996. I am Christian by religion and a confirmed catholic by denomination. I am a full member of the Christ the King Catholic church. It was in this church I received the sacraments of Baptism, the Holy Eucharist and confirmation. I completed these three sacraments at the age of 15. I attended three high schools during my days in high school. These schools were: Lievi C. Williams, Christ the King, Catholic School, and the final one is the Don Bosco Technical high school where I graduate from.