November 2019: Mary Saab Johnson

November Essay comes from Mary Saab Johnson. She had been our essay-writing winner in the year 2016, when she was a pupil. Meanwhile Mary is targetting medical education at the University of Liberia. In 2019/February From Street to School offered her the opportunity to have a look at our conventions of everydaylife in the city of Munich and our schools which are Pestalozzi-Gymnasium and Nelson-Mandela-Berufsoberschule. She’s left some footprints in our minds and we have great regard for her continuous working with the younger ones From Street to school is in charge of. We asked her to write an essay headlined with:


Mary hält einen Vortrag.
Mary hält einen Vortrag in der Nelson-Mandela-Berufsoberschule in München

First, I suppose there are two key words that need to be defined for this essay to role on better wheels.

They are HELP and KNOW. 

HELP is an action given to provide assistance or aid. For example a person may ask “Mary, I need some help from you today for my cooking today.” This means that the person seeks assistance from Mary.

KNOW to be acquainted or familiar with or to have encountered. An example could be “I know Mary but not her friend Bryce.” This could mean that the person hadn’t encountered Bryce.

With such a little image on mind one can role the wheels of the essay. 

To help is a free assistance one renders to another person to make things easier for him/her by offering one’s services or resources.

The question is Can we help a person we don’t know? Do we even know how to assist a stranger? Should we help in anticipation of being helped or should we just do it out of kind heart?

The essay will provide some answers  and give you more ideas about how to accommodate unfamiliar people.

First one needs to know that at times a person should not cry out for help before you show him/her kind gesture. Just a smile can brighten. A smile needs no first encounter or acquaintance. It’s a natural fruit of being kind hearted. 

That smile can brighten someone’s day and turn a crummy day around into a good one.

That smile of yours can take away millions of worries from a person’s mind. 

Another kind gesture is holding a door for a person. This sounds simple but very significant. Many a time doors get whacked in people’s faces because the one who opened just keeps moving maybe because he or she doesn’t know the one following but that little act may create a lasting impression on people. 

Additionally, what will be great help is holding the doors for parents with children, those physically challenged ( those in wheelchairs) and people with arms full of stuffs. 

Most of the times our eyes are half blind so much that we do not actually see the needs of others. It’s not only our relatives and friends that we need to be nice to but also to those who we don’t know. Walk slow and look around clearly and through little know-gesture you’ll come to encounter others. 

Someone once said that it pays to give. No one who gives lacks. Offering assistance or helping someone got a practical lesson. The one who gives receives. Example offering a smile brings life and serenity to one’s physical outlook and the soul. 

Remember don’t offer an assistance and you expect something in return.The holy book says “It’s more blessed to give than to receive “. You should be cheerful in helping  not offering the aid grudgingly. Be satisfied as you help a stranger. Always put on a smile as you extend your helping hands. The recipient(s), some of whom you may know are surely going to be smiling , too, as they take possession of your gifts  item(s).

To conclude, to help a person one should have an encounter and this encounter is done through services offered. 

More charitable people are helping others they don’t know. Charitable home and organizations offer help in great ways . They offer donations and moral support to people  more than one can imagine. In all this people make great stride in getting to know people they help. This isn’t fully attached to very personal contact or encounter ; it can be done through culture, arts, socio-pitical backgroung, tradition, etc. 

Hence, if you don’t know me you can help by getting to know me; my culture, tradition, social ground, etc.