Voice of Liberia

September 2020: Voice of the voiceless

Two years ago, Emmanuel A. Williams had been the first to create a vivid group of responsible minded youngsters in love with life and powerful ideas. Induced by the yearly African Child Day people met in the Centre of Monrovia, made up plans and discussed ideas with open minded adults. The Board Members of From Street to School and the Youth Organization of the archdiocese of Monrovia contributed.

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December 2019: Father Johnny

For the month of December the Voice of Liberia is keeping its focus on Christmas in Liberia. We are keen on the economic crisis and security system in the country, vis-a-vis the development and living conditions of school going children.

From Street to School and Global Learning exists with the so purpose of developing students/children socially and academically, helping in school attendance and social development through workshops and students gathering. All this cannot be realized when there is economic instability, insecurity and social imbalances. 

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November 2019: Mary Saab Johnson

November Essay comes from Mary Saab Johnson. She had been our essay-writing winner in the year 2016, when she was a pupil. Meanwhile Mary is targetting medical education at the University of Liberia. In 2019/February From Street to School offered her the opportunity to have a look at our conventions of everydaylife in the city of Munich and our schools which are Pestalozzi-Gymnasium and Nelson-Mandela-Berufsoberschule. She’s left some footprints in our minds and we have great regard for her continuous working with the younger ones From Street to school is in charge of. We asked her to write an essay headlined with:


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October 2019: Father Johnny

As the coordinator of From Street to School Board, I want to acquaint you first with the opening of School for academic 2019/20.

We are sponsoring 48 students this academic year and they are registered in 18 schools including 1 tuition free(public school). Government schools are all tuition free as school attendence is obligatory by law in Liberia. 

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September 2019: Emmanuel Williams about some milestones grouping his lifetime

My name is Emmanuel Adebayor Williams, I am a Liberian, born and raised in Liberia. In 2014, I met Rev. Fr. Johnny-Clement Kombo who recommended me to a friend named Wolfgang Fischer from Germany who helped me with my schooling both financially and morally on a private base.

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