English survey about the Europatag

Workshops and Information on some specific European ideas on what it means to be a human, to live in a community with other humans, to exploration and exploitation and creation of economic and technical growth .

We will discuss the special European approach to „divide et impera“ (divide and rule), what democracy has been working at her best, what’s meant by the „rule of law“ and „rule of information“ ,the working-class and female emancipation due to civil rights movements and the whens and whys of the gap between doing and wording.

We will check on the past to understand the present.

We will search for successful arrangements for freedom, moral development and education.

Our purpose

  • Reframe our common self-image and our knowledge about Europa
  • Find out, what you think about us and intensivy our relationship
  • Let those talk who are usually muted
  • Discover those important issues that are usually hidden
  • Help young people find their personal role in a challenging global citizenship

These were our days about European Union and Europe as a continent:

First Europatag: July 12. 2021

Felix Sproll, Member in the Munich City Council for the transnational European party „Volt“