Personal Encounters

Grownup’s comment on all projects targetting young persons personal encounters

As long as we knew mainly what we experienced in our own lives we were tending to overestimate our own attitudes.

That’s generally true although it’s more obvious about the European literate societies, because books and media are powerful multipliers.

Nowadays digital tools enable us to share our indigenous opinions and the facts on which they are grounded.

But what will we do, when we find ourselves in a setting of Babylonic misunderstanding?

The situation would look like an all enlighted world. Those who live in it, feel completely blended, while few from outside seemingly know more.

A blending world keeps our minds disclosed in darkness.

Global Learning may hopefully become our means to dim the light or to turn it on – just adapted to the need of recognizing precisely how we can keep peace, freedom, humanism and nature embraced.

  1. The Penpal program:
Handwritten messages carried by travellers: 2012-2017 … some small small relations have survived until today. Congrats to Emmanuel, Anna, Moses, Norbert and the others