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Justice must be served for Rape victim!

The global statistics on sexual assault against women are shocking.

At least one in every five womenexperiences rape during her lifetime. The recently published report from the United Nations PopulationFund on the State of the World Population 2000 is the latest of many official reports that have documented the size of the problem.

Yet despite clear documentation and the fact that much attention has been paid to the issue of sexual violence against women at international level, the problem is gettingworse. The UN report and other data make it clear that the incidence of rape and other forms of sexual violenceis increasing worldwide.

Yet even official figures underestimate the scale of the problem because the proportion of rapes reported to the authorities varies from 16% in the United States to 3% in South Africa (Where even 3% amounted to 49,280 rapes in 1998).

Perhaps it is not surprising that international action to prevent sexual violence has failed when the judicial system is so often stacked against women who complain of sexual violence.

Human Right Watch has identified the hard level issues that need to be addressed to counter these problems. They include repealing laws that discriminate against women, eliminating police bias against female victim of sexual assault, ensuring that justice is been served.

As I sit every morning and turn my radio on, the only news that I hear on a daily basis is the increase of rape cases in my country (Liberia).

Rape violates the female fundamental right to full ownership of their body.

Rape degrades the womanhood of the female!

What is rape?

Rape is any forceful penetration. In other words, Rape is forcing someone to have sexual intercourse against his/her will. Rape is carry out by heartless men, who has no moral conscience.

It is so frustrating that on a daily basis, rape cases are on the increase in my country.

Justice needs to beserved for these rape victims. But the intriguing thing here is that those ruthless guys who carry on this act, after few days you see them walking sky free.

In such a modern society, our mothers and sisters are still victimize without justice been served. The gender of everyone should be respected; a female is to be respected and serve justice like their male counterpart.

It is so sadden that in the past six months, we have more than six hundred rape cases in Liberia.

This is alarming in our society. We all need to stand firm and petition our government for drastic action to be taken against these perpetrators.

It is a matter of must that justice should be served for rape victims, no matter who is involved.

As we all maybe cognizant that it is the government full responsibility to provide security for all its citizens and serve them justice under the rule of law. But the question is, is the government doing these things? I might say ‘yes’ but not to the fullest! Everyone has not been served justice, especially some of our mothers and sisters who got raped by those heartless men! There is a need to serve these people justice. This issue of rape is destroying our sisters who shouldbe future leaders’ tomorrow.

Rape puts an everlasting trauma in the minds of those mothers and sisters. There is a need for justice. Both local and central government need to step up hard on the issue of rape.

If this is not done, the cases will continue to increase in our society. Recommendations Central Government should revisit the rape law. A community watch team on the issue of rape should be set up by the Association of Females Lawyers of Liberia. Proper investigation should be conducted when a rape case is reported; starting with the community dwellers! If found guilty, life time imprisonment should be the reward for rape perpetrator.

Justice must be served to the fullest, not partial!
Real men don’t rape! Stop sexual harassment! Let’s say no to rape!

Dedicated to all rape victims.

by Jones Garbla 2021

Monrovia, 2021

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