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From Street to School: First Concept Note

Project Title: Workshop on Reformation and Transformation

                        School Garden Workshop

Organization: From Street to School, Liberia

Date: November 2021

Prepared by: BETDAL, Liberia

Implementing partner: Voice of the Voiceless (VOV) and (BETDAL)

Background Information and Methodology of the Training

During the period of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of young people experienced depression, idleness, hunger, crimes and etc.

According to the Revised National Youth Policy 2017, 25% rural and 33% of the urban total population in our country Liberia constitute young people.

Imagine approximately 55% of young people in our country have gone through depression, idleness, social separation, etc. because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

However, in an effort to make a comeback, From Street to School Family has decided to organize a three weeks gardening skills workshop, with the Project title Reformation for Transformation.

The training will be conducted in three selected schools with students of From Street to School benefitting from the scholarship and other interested students in different groups in From Street to School.

The total number of students that will be trained are 150. The students will be taught on the importance of environment friendly garden cultivation, thereby highlighting key topics like: Crop Rotations, Garden Layout, the making of compost etc.

The workshop will be conducted in two forms, both theory and practical. Two Professional Agriculturists from BETDAL will facilitate the workshop training.

The total cost of the workshop training is 4000USD


  • To improve the livelihood of participants.
  • To share personal experiences of participant from the pandemic.
  • To improve nutritional awareness of participants.
  • For participants to see garden as an entrepreneurial skills.
  • To create awareness on the value of indigenous crops.
  • To create awareness on plastic pollution in the environment, and a way to reduce it.

Output and Goals

  • Each participant will get an idea or ideas on how he/she can cultivate crops in their backyards.
  • Each participant will understand that gardening is income generating.
  • At the end of the training, small gardens will be established by students and a general harvest will be conducted by the three schools.
  • A student garden field day will be conducted where the students will showcase the produce from the garden and sell them to the public.

Training Content

  • Practice of Crop Rotation
  • The use and making of compost
  • Growing of indigenous crops
  • The use of plastic and cement bags to grow crops
  • Garden layouts
  • Seed processing and preservation

Training Materials

Agricultural tools and stationary materials


Mr. Martin D. Tarpeh – BSc General Agriculture

                                    Project Manager (BETDAL)

Mr. Kollie Gayflor – BSc Agronomic

                             Field Manager (BETDAL)

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