Fr. Johnny-Clement Kombo, joined the Pro Liberia/From Street to School in August, 2012. In 2012, Pro Liberia strengthened it bond with schools in Monrovia. Through the effort of Fr. Johnny, the organization paid fees of its delinquent students and recruited some students into the program. During the period under review, FSTS had 37 sponsored students in 13 schools including Cathedral Catholic School, Christ the King Catholic School, St. Christopher, St. Teresa Convent, Faith Mission, Carr High School, St. Lawrence, etc. some of our students included Moses Blama, Joseph Ajavon, Patricia Andrews, Philippa Chubby, Pinky Roberts, Jeromelyn Cooper, Princess Sonkalay, Wellington, Aaron, Precious Kenneh, Alice Taylor, Bryce Williams, Erwin Wiah, Magdalene Flomo, Vivian Wesseh, Prince Kerkula, Joe, Matthew, Augustine Kaye Jr, Sampson Borley, Prince Kerkula, etc.

Number of student’s sponsor- — 37 students were sponsored.

Number of schools —————– 13 schools.

Gerlib- this is our partner institute. The Gerlib Center was operated by Mrs. Nimene, a German living in Liberia who helped young women and girls find meaning in school attendance and skill training. FSTS assists in sponsoring 10 students from Gerlib Center every year since 2013.

Activities engaged into– school attendance, excursion, and tutorials for students were mainly the activities FSTS were engaged into during the time under review. From Street to School country representative made his first visit to Pestalozzi Gymnasium in Germany in July, 2013 to raise funds for students’ tuitions and other fees. The visit was also intended to build social and networking between German and Liberian students. The German Liberian Penpal program with born. More than 20 students from Liberia and Germany got connected- among were Semara Keller, Gamai, Abel Nemah, and Dede Julue from Christ the King School.


During this time under review, FSTS invited Mrs. Andrea Schaal and Christina to Liberia. This was to reciprocate Fr. Johnny’s visit, meet and interact with the students, and strengthen the bond of partnership.

FSTS increased its number of students and got the old ones maintained.  The programs offered took some new dimension. During this time Liberia experienced the Ebola crisis. FSTS organized our first Essay Writing Competition for students of all levels between the ages of 12 to 25 years in Montserrado County. This served as a support to the Education ministry’s home tutoring or Ebola vacation school program. The competition now forms part of our project and yearly events. The organization also got involved in the home school program. Since all schools in the country were closed due to the health crisis, we operated a mini school at Christ the King Parish. In 2014, we ran academic program for more than 25 students at the parish. The program was mostly centered on academics and recreation. For those who couldn’t attend because of distance, we paid tutors to run tutorials for them

m at home. Key students taken into the program at Christ the King were Prince, Joe, Jeromelye, Matthew, Grace, Angel, etc.

Number of student’s sponsor- — 45 students were sponsored.

Number of schools —————– 14 schools.

N.B. During this time some of our students changed schools. They were brought to better school. Some of them are Joe, Prince, Grace, Angel, Esther, etc. Preparation commenced in 2015 for the students exchange program. This will take root in 2016.

Activities engaged into- Pen pal program, workshop, essay competition, excursion, recreation.

Donation: in 2014 we received our first local donation from Mrs. Annette Doe and family. Other donors followed later.   


Activities carried out by FSTS during the under review had been the same as previous years, 2014/2015. A working group is composed speed up the process of students exchange program. Students were been selected are prepared to travel to Germany. Grace Wreh, Bryce Williams, and Mary Saab-Johnson.

Our German colleagues, Andrea and Hannah visit our project in 2017.


Activities carried out by FSTS during the under review had been the same as previous years, 2016/2017. A working group on students visit to Germany speed up the process. Students were been selected are prepared to travel to Germany. Grace Wreh, Bryce Williams, and Mary Saab-Johnson and Fr. Johnny travelled to Ghana in 2019 to secure visas for Germany. Grace and Fr. Johnny returned to Liberia because Grace’s papers were not fully up to date. Bryce and Mary travelled to Germany for two weeks.

Their travel brought a lot of enthusiasm to most of our students. They shared their exciting experiences with all our students. This helped the students to have a firsthand information on Europe from their peer.


It was the period of the COVID 19 health crisis. Not much were done during this time. Liberia and Germany strengthened their social connection and global learning through constant communication and meetings. Workshops were held regularly on health protocols and other social aids.


Regular activities with the payment of tuitions, others fees and workshops, and end of school year retreat and social, excursion, etc.