The Jury have classified Christopher Cummings comment on Social Media as extraordinary.

He was awarded the first prize.

My impression about social media.

Social media is a gateway that provides social communication. It is spreading rapidly everywhere in the world. The internet has provide our world with a different means of communication and is accessible to anyone at anytime, regardless of how old you are. Majorly, adults and teenagers are joining several websites. In order to socialize with friends, family and strangers.
It changes each person in many ways be it positively or negatively. It could be practiced as a very helpful means in changing a person’s life, but the same, it could be bad in one’s life. Depending on the user.

However, the use of social media has made drastic changes in all human beings’ lives today. Just like there are two sides to a coin, in the same way, social media has it advantages and disadvantages.
Consequently, many people varying opinions on this controversial topic.

When we see the advantages of social media, we find many benefits. Some users use social media as a bridge to connect with their spiritual head for counseling.
But the most is it has become a a magnificent source of education. Students that are not fortunate to have access to a library can teach themselves on different topics using social media. Furthermore, online calls are now achievable because of this medium. You can listen to a teacher in America while you are seated in Liberia.

Though social media help you connect easily with the world, the increased tendency of comparing with others make them feel left out or inferior than others.
Excessive use of social media makes one socially isolated and lonely than those who are not a frequent user of this technology. It causes them substances use, aggressive behavior and depression. It is also observed that excessive use of social networks cause anxiety, depression, mental and physical illness.

Due to the increased communication via social media, there is seen a decline in face-to-face interactions between people. Such online interaction has lowered the authenticity and quality of relationships between people.

With all things considered social media could have a negative or positive effects depending on the user.

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