It’s time that Sex Education be thought in our school system

by Jones K. Garbla

Africa as a continent forbids certain things, because culturally we forbid those things due to how our society is structured and one of those things that our culture forbids is talking about sex to kids/children.  With the dynamism of modernity and the advancement of technology, I think it will be quite prudent enough if the children are thought what sex is.

Sex education being thought to children will be quite necessary, because nowadays, many teenagers are not fully cognizant of what is it to get into early sex or to get into sex at an early age. One might ask, what sex is? Sex or copulation is an act in which two partners of the opposite sex, that is a male and a female come together to enjoy themselves emotionally and physically. Sex can help you connect with another person more closely.

Research has proven that sex is good, but for those who are of age. Of recent, I visited three (3) renowned hospitals in Monrovia and I ask for the obstetric wall. To my utmost surprise, about 65% of those that I met at the obstetric wall at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, and the Redemption Hospital, were all teenagers. I sat for an hour plus and after contemplating, I realize there are high level of teenage pregnancies in our society (Liberia), because the kids/children are not told what sex is both in the homes and schools; and I think if sex education is thought in our schools it will help reduce the high level of teenage pregnancies in our society (Liberia).

From, what I have observe and from little knowledge that I have about my culture as a Liberian, I think if sex education is included in the curriculum for school it will help reduce the high teenage pregnancies in our society; because talking about sex to children is regarded as a taboo, especially in the rural places. Mothers who are to be a guide to the girls can’t even play their motherly role, when it comes to such issue.

With some personal interaction I had with some of the pregnant teenagers at the hospitals, most of them are into early sex, because they don’t know what it entails to get into early sex and from what friends explain to them, they went to experiment and it resulted into pregnancy.

Sex education, will help our brothers and sisters stop bearing child at an early age in such a struggling society. Generally, I am not saying sex is bad, rather I am saying sex is good for those who are of age. Due to the way the world is evolving, I think it’s time that we do with certain aspect of our culture, especially those things are not harmful to us as people.

Sex education will play a vital role in the Liberian society, that is if people are thought what sex is, many of us will like to be fully prepare before venturing into sexual activity.

Sex is good, but for those that are of age. Having sex at an early age is an abuse and it creates certain psychological trauma in the mind.

Once again, sex education will help alleviate the high level of teenage pregnancies in the Liberian society.

Dedicated to my beloved Mom: Cecelia Koffa