What we do and

Why we do it

We are called From Street to School (Liberia), Inc.

We are a non-for-profit organization operating in Liberia for the sole purpose of helping children grow in a good academic and healthy environment.

We provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to acquire quality education. These are children whose parents cannot afford to pay their fees.

This is done through fundraising from Germany, Liberia, the UK, and Spain. 


Additionally, From Street to School helps children know their rights and responsibilities to become good citizens who will contribute to building Liberia; help students grow socially, by building up their self-esteem.


“FROM STREET TO SCHOOL, (LIBERIA) INC” is a Liberian Non-For-Profit organization; founded during the Liberian civil war in 2002 to provide education for the less-fortunate children in Liberia, especially ‘street kids’.

It started with the payment of school fees for about 15 students in Margibi county and later moved to Montserrado due to the pressing needs in 2003.

It was founded by a catholic missionary priest, Fr. Anthony Nnmah, MSP, Dr. Thomas Stieglitz (a German) and other precious helpers from Germany. These people started a fund raising project among students at the Pestalozzi Gymnasium in Germany. This continues even today. Some students continue to support with their lunch money.

Initially the organization was called Pro Liberia, e.V.

In 2016 the Liberian Organization was founded and the German one has been renamed FROM STREET TO SCHOOL und GLOBALES LERNEN. 

Mrs. Andrea Schaal from Germany heads the organization while Father Johnny-Clement Kombo is the country representative in Liberia.  Fr. Johnny coordinated with the support of a few Liberians to coordinate the activities of the students and raise funds for the sustainability organization.

Presently, From Street To School (FSTS) in collaboration with its partner FROM STREET TO SCHOOL AND GLOBAL LEARNING sponsors for more than 50 underprivileged children in 26 schools, two counties—Montserrado and Margibi.

Its main regional area is Montserrado County.

FSTS pays school fees and purchases school materials for them. All funds are raised from charity- donations from Germany and Liberia. Besides paying tuition, FSTS sometimes pays salaries for tutors who take care of the academically challenged students.

During the heat of the Ebola crisis between 2014/2015, From Street to School catered to 37 students with special tutorials at Christ the King Catholic Church in Monrovia of which you are aware of and you also  participated. It provided home teachers and little lunch for the students attending the tutorial program.

In fact, this project laid the foundation to help Ebola victims.

Additionally, during Ebola, FSTS organized our first Essay Writing Competition for students of all levels between the ages of 12 to 25 years in Montserrado County. This served as a support to the Education ministry’s home tutoring or Ebola vacation school program. The competition now forms part of our project and yearly events.

The special support of our partners helps us greatly in realizing our dream.

In its early beginnings, FSTS organized a special group known as Cynthia’s group. This group had the most underprivileged children. The kids in such a group could not depend on parents for support. Some lost both or one parent during the civil war or Ebola crisis. Given their condition, they were offered a monthly parcel for their upkeep. Cynthia Reeves, Agnes Wiah, Vivian Wisseh, Alice Taylor, were original members of Cynthia’s group. They have all graduated and have left the program.

FROM STREET TO SCHOOL is divided into three parts –the scholarship students, Pen Pal Program and Sponsors.  The scholarship got two categories – Gerlib Students and Ordinary Scholarship students.

Gerlib Students- Members of the group are from a financially challenged background and their parents depend on little income to cater to them.

Our Goals

1.Ensuring unprivileged students are in school by providing scholarships (tuitions and other fees)

2. Supervising students, regularly visiting their campus, etc.

3. Monitoring progress report, organizing workshops and encouraging Essay Writing Competition.

4. Helping students and young people cultivate the    habit of reading 

5. Promoting the physical, moral, and mental wellbeing of young people.

6. Encouraging social networking among young people through PEN PAL and workshops

7. Providing spiritual guidance to young people through retreats, annual Church service, etc.

8. Nurturing intercultural relationship between young people in Liberia through the student exchange    program if need be.


Informal application for membership and International Student-Partnership


I want to support the project in one of the aspects listed below:

·         Supporting the students of Cynthia’s Group with tuition\Goods

·         Helping to raise funds for the project

·         Supporting Student’s exchange through hosting or donations

·         Promoting of school attendance through donation of school fees.


·         Benjamin Kahn   (School Principal/Educator) — —— Board Chairman

·         Dr. Jig Kpehe Maimie (Medical Doctor)——————- Secretary

·         Varney Koiblee (Educator) ——————————————- Assistant Secretary

·         Gbour Wilson (Business Administrator) —     ———————————  Accountant

·         Jones K. Garbla  ( Teacher/studying Foreign Relations)————————Member

·         Joe Gbeie  ————————————————- Member

·         Dr. Eguono Eka-Tally (Medical Doctor) ————– Member

·         Rev. Fr. Johnny-Clement Kombo (Education Administration)- — Coordinator, From Street to School