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Harsh and successful demontrations have been reported recently from Liberia’s women. Were they informed and constructiv or are they dominated by social-media-recklessness?

How Liberia’s Soldiers‘ Wives Overthrow the Minister of Defense

February 15, 2024, 3:34 p.m. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

The transfer of power to the new government has been successful (elections in Oct. 2023), but the Minister of Defence is forced to resign after persistent protests. He seems to have made the wrong enemies.

By Paul Munzinger, Cape Town (translated and shortened)

Opposition to Johnson came from within his own ranks. But it was not the officers who led the mutiny against the minister, it was their wives. Over the weekend, they organized nationwide protests and blocked important traffic arteries in the country of five million inhabitants on the Atlantic, such as the highway to the airport in the capital Monrovia. The women had taken the country hostage, a newspaper wrote Pictures show simple but apparently effective roadblocks made of car tires, wooden boards and plastic chairs. Liberian media reported traffic jams that were so long that some drivers left their cars to continue on foot. The annual celebration in honor of the army has been canceled. The women, one newspaper wrote, had taken the country hostage for a day. They reportedly had pots and pans with them to cook on the spot and not have to leave their posts.

The protests against Prince Charles Johnson III had already begun before his appointment, but had not been able to prevent them. As a result, the demonstrators demanded his removal and proceeded to blockade. The list of allegations against Johnson is long, relating to his time as chief of staff between 2018 and 2024. Among other things, he is accused of autocratic administration and corruption. … After two decades of murderous civil war and a devastating Ebola epidemic, Liberia had recently made positive headlines due to a peaceful transfer of power. Boakai won last year’s presidential election against incumbent George Weah, who immediately acknowledged his defeat despite a historically close result. On Tuesday, Boakai appointed Johnson’s successor, a former brigadier general named Geraldine George. This is the first time in Liberia’s history that a woman has headed the Ministry of Defence.

Some Tourist-Information for those who do not yet know, that it is worth to love reality and adapt your dreams to it.

Global Learning means factfulness. But nevertheless we accept all the grey and pink areas in our mindsets. We love literature for the embedded information. We do gardening because we know that mankind is part of nature. We love spirituality but keep ourselves away from violence and discrimination.

Learn from Julius K.Kanubah, the Liberiaprojekt in Munich and in Monrovia and listen to the famous story teller, teacher and author Michael Jentzsch.

Why do we attend school?

We want to become a doctor, an entrepeneur, a banker, we want to be at any place, said to be a jumping board into a pool of richness and happyness. Really, do you want to continue such a long time in boring school-room-settings while pempering your unrealistic dreams? Did you ever think about using your lifetime for education? Is there anyone in your life who might profit from your instructions? Do you learn for life? And what do you take home to your parents and grandparents to make them love education?

What is education?

Liberian schools pretty randomly offer good education. Good education is not so much expected, when there is no food at home, no silent space for homework, always noisy background and a lot to work on to get the bucks for elemetary stuff.

Voice of the Voiceless the platform for self organized education-programs, is part of the Liberiaprojekt. All the mentorschip program is about:

…. offering „skills to young people. These skills can be taken to there homes, future and even in their schools. The skills are tye and dye, klorax making, soap making, make up, interior decoration, catering, computer, tailoring, public speaking, creative writing – such as poetry, drama and prose – hair braiding, cucette, cultural dance and agriculture. All these just for our generation because the future of our nation depends on the present progress of it’s youth. The Voice of the Voiceless.